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LXF honor guard leads the Roman weekend parade triumph

An awarded honorary vexillum
is carried by one of
the Legion's signifers.

The Optio presents Centurion Marcus
with the Barbarian chief's head,
pondering how it would look
rolling down an alley toward
some bowling pins.


The Optio keeps a vigilant eye
on the public, as the sacred standards
are grouped nearby.

LXF wins the Bacchanal contest.

The Legion's Aquilifer stands
at the ready as his eagle standard
is retrieved from the principia,
where it is guarded in a shrine.

Centurion Marcus surveys
the ground of the gladiatorial
arena while attracting
the admiration of a young Gaia.


The arena grounds are rechecked,
as provincial games are slated to start
the following day to honor the anniversary
of the Emperor's accession to power.

Praetorians were an important
factor in Vespasian's victories at the
second battle of Cremona and the
Castra Praetoria.
Images of Vespasian can be seen on
both these Praetorian standards.


The ladies love a man in uniform. . .

After all that attention, it's time for a drink.

The Legion's directors of
cinematography and


A mix of different Legion members from both Saturday and Sunday.

Roman weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival has become a great success story.
Saturday alone saw 25,000 people come through the gate!