Basic histories of Legio X Fretensis are available in many places, like Wikipedia. Therefore, our studies focus on aspects of the legion that are not commonly known, and (we hope) interesting to both newcomers and old-time history-buffs alike. Copyright on all studies are held by the authors.

Life-sized, museum quality Roman legionary: kit and armor study
A massive undertaking--what would a legionary look like after having been in the field and away from the fort on a mutli-year campaign? This study looks at real gear and time's effects upon it.


The Tenth Fretensis had its own personlized coins
Some of the most unique coins ever used for everyday commerce in the Roman Empire were directly related to Legion Ten Fretensis.


The Tenth Fretensis and its unanswered origin
A brief treatment of the many questions surrounding the origin of the Tenth Fretensis.


A Legion Ten Fretensis commander is deified
The incredible story of a Tenth Fretensis commander who--though never made Emperor--nonetheless became a God of the Roman State.


It takes one to know one
The Roman second-in-command of the siege of Jerusalem was, in fact, a Jew himself.


Legion Ten Fretensis fulfills Biblical prophecy
"For the war had ruined all the marks of beauty and no one who knew of it of old, coming suddenly upon it would have recognized the place, but, though beside it, he would have looked for the city." —Mark 13:1-2, NIV


Legion Ten Fretensis acquires an additional (lesser-known) honorary name
Starting sometime in the early third century, the Legion became Legion Ten Fretensis Antonini.


Vespasian's Pax or Vespasian's Axe?
"The secret of empire was now revealed, that an emperor could be made elsewhere than in Rome." - Tacitus


Some special notes on the Legati of Legio X Fretensis
The Tenth had some of the most colorful characters of the time in command at one point or another.


The Tenth Fretensis takes an unprecedented garissoning step
The Tenth never did the first thing Legions always do when building a garisson.


LEG X FRE legionnaire paperwork found at Masada sheds light on daily expenses
How much did a linen tunic cost? Well, we just so happen to know. . .


Later History of The Tenth Fretensis with additional Legati information
Though strongly identified with Jarusalem, the Tenth was later stationed elsewhere.


Analyses, reflections and even creative works about all that was Rome, by Legion Ten members.

Origin of the Roman Legionary Century
How this particular voting assembly came to be.


The military Tribunes of Rome
It's not what you know, it's who you know.


The suicides of Mark Antony and Brutus
The final move in the game of Roman politics.


Roman doctors
You think HMO's are bad. . .


Precision swordsmanship
A great collection of translations from Latin about how soldiers were really trained.


Phoenician conspiracy theory
What Carthage might have accomplished. . .

Roman Centurian helmet
Some thoughts on the crista transversa.


Caesar at the Rubicon: An application of motivational theory
A brief discussion of the cultural and political forces which put Caesar at the shore of the Rubicon, and how motivational theory accounts for his decision to cross and start a civil war.


Personal writings, reflections and creative works inspired by the Roman path we walk

Date line: A.D. 114 - "War in the Gulf Blazes"
Tension in this mother of all wars rises as a friend of the Western powers has been toppled by a deceiving and unscrupulous menace to world peace. . .


"Aurelian the Great"
by Terry Nix - my first poem ever


"Last of the Romans"
By Terry Nix - a tribute to my dear friend David Warfeld, and my second poem ever


Letter to Congress
We are all culturally-descended from Romans. . .