Roman vs. Celt Battle at Round Rock High School
Every year, Round Rock High School hosts an epic historic battle reenactment. The periods rotate, and this year it was Romans vs. Celts. The Legion helped organize and coordinate the event with their good friends the Texas Coritani. A great time was had by all, and historic tactics even bore themselves out!

College Night at the Museum of Fine Art Houston
The Museum of Fine Art, Houston opens its doors for free admission to college students one night only, to promote its exhibit of artifacts from Pompeii. The Legion is dispatched to provide educational experiences and games throughout the museum and throughout the evening.

The Legion re-opens the SAMA antiquities wing
The San Antonio Museum of Art invites the Legion and The Roman Way to inaugurate the re-opening of their antiquities wing. The Legion delivers the best-received set of legionary games to date.

A delegation is invited to the Houston Philosophical Society
Roman Britain expert David Furlow presents "Liberty or Death: Bouddica's revolt against Rome" to the Houston Philosophical Society. Mr. Furlow has appeared on the History Channel as an expert on this topic, and here asks representatives from LXF to help bring his lecture to life.

Legion Ten appears at Boys Scouts of Austin Awards Banquet
On a glorious sunny day, the Legion joins the Boy Scouts as they celebrate their achievements of the year. It also marks the first occassion of the Ludi Legionis--which were a hit with the crowd and great fun for the Legionnaires!


Legion Ten appears simultaneously in two cities!
On the first weekend in November, the Legion is forced to divide its forces and contend with simlutaneous demands, hundreds of miles apart.

CLICK HERE to see LXF headline Houston's Rennaissance Festival.
Legion Ten leads the Triumph parade at the largest Ren. Fair in the USA.

CLICK HERE to see the frontier garrison at the Austin Celtic Festival.
Legion Ten trains auxiliaries and leads Roman forces against the Celts.

Encore appearance at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
The Museum asks the Legion for an encore of its appearance the opening of the Imperial Rome exhibit. It is the largest Legionnairy turnout to date.

The Legion helps unveil the Imperial Rome exhibit
The Houston Museum of Natural Science requested that the Legion appear at an exclusive event for the media, opening day of the exhibit itself, and a special gala event for donors.

Our drills are bloodless battles, our battles bloody drills. . .
The Legionnaires take a few pictures while they fool around--er, drill, that is--and are ambushed by barbrians crafty enough to have escaped being photographed.

Dinner at the Legate's villa
A few candid shots of the legion enjoying a traditional Roman meal at the Legates beautiful domus.

2006 and earlier

The Legion appears at the Texas Renaissance Festival, 2006
Even during the real Renaissance, it was fashionable to dress up in Roman costumes at festivals. Here the Legion turns out in full Roman and Greek gear to mingle with the Gauls.

The Legion invades Houston on Halloween night
While dieties and mortals alike obviously favor the Legionnaires, some locals cause trouble and must be dealt with.

The Legion appears at Houston Italian Festival
Continuing its educational tradition, the Legion appears downtown to educate the locals on the glories of Rome.

The Legion makes educational appearances
The legion is available to anyone who wants us to come share what we know. Here are a few pictures from school and church appearances.