The Texas Romans were invited to appear for the Boy Scouts of Austin, Tonkawa Lodge Annual Awards Banquet. By request, displays were all military--with samples of hard-tack, complete marching kits, and even armor for the Scouts to try on!


The Scouts were eager to try on the legionary uniform,


and were invited to judge a round of Ludi Legionis, including armored push ups and sit ups

and a championship challenge of "Last Triarius Standing!"

Mike Daniels of Legio VI Ferrata Fidelis came away with the Corona Civica,
with second place going to Legio X Fretensis' own Jeff Israelsen.


The event was a huge success, and we were gratified to receive
the following e-mail from the Boy Scouts organizer the next day:


"We were immensely pleased with your group. Everyone was so nice and the kids really enjoyed it.

I could not have been happier. I don't know if any of you stuck around, but when we recognized your group later on in the Banquet, the audience responded with what I think was the loudest applause of the afternoon.....

Thanks for everything, and I will be sure to pass down your information to next year's Banquet coordinator."

- Jonathan Hillis,Tonkawa Lodge Chief



Thanks as always to our brothers in Legio VIII Augusta for turning out to share the event with us!