The Legion turns out a dozen battle-ready soldiers and officers.


New orders from the Emperor are unsealed and reviewed by the Legate and Tribune.


The Legion musters and the officers review the troops.


The Legate takes special care to ensure the Signifer and Aquilifer have attended to their
gear as its honor requires.


The Signifer and Aquilifer stand at attention as they are reviewed.


The Locals are taught the glories of Rome.


KIT CLOSE-UP: This lorica segmentata is a recreation of a find at Kalkriese.


KIT CLOSE-UP: An early Imperial soldier in a riveted chainmail hamata.
Everything this soldier is wearing has been tinned.


KIT CLOSEUP: The Optio with his staff for keeping troops in the rear from
"changing their mind" about wanting to fight.


KIT CLOSE-UP: The Legion signifer and the Legate's personal standard.


KIT CLOSE-UP: The Aquilifer and his Eagle. Notice the LEG X FRE on the Eagle's base.


KIT CLOSE-UP: Armed with his rod of Imperium, the Legion's legate wears a perfect
recreation of the primaporta Augustus musculata.


KIT CLOSE-UP: Officers are distinguished by the lorica musculata and herakles (officer's knot)
across the chest. The Tribune--as political attache and logistics officer--is most often armed with
. . . paperwork.