A delegation from the Legion is invited as special guests to David Furlow's presentation "Liberty or Death: The Bouddican Revolt against Rome." The lecture was given to over 100 members of the Houston Philosophical Society, and Mr. Furlow requested one Roman officer, one trooper, and two Roman ladies, as well as a Celt family to discuss life in their conquered land.

The Usual Suspects

The Harmony of the Orders: Representatives from the Texas Coritani, Legion Ten Fretensis, and The Roman Way meet and greet before the evening begins.

A slightly closer shot of the Romans:


Before the Lecture

Mr. Furlow asked us to circulate and chat with the members of the group. They were ready with questions and well-informed opinions about the artifacts and cultures of 1st Century Brittain.


During the Lecture

Mr. Furlow's lecture ranged from the cultural values of the Romans and Brittish to the strategies and tactics used by Bouddica and Suetonius Paulinus. Several times, he asked us to demonstrate differences in the fighting kits and battlefield tactics of the two armies.

The audience paid rapt attention, and many took notes.