The Legate and Primus Pilus Centurion mingle with line troopers to get a sense for Legion morale.


Officers confer with the Tribune to make sure the troops get what they need.


Satisfied that the high command is taking care of them, the troops guard the sacred Legionary
standards with renewed vigilance.


Legion Ten defends it's standard within the burning walls of a fallen Jerusalem.


After the fall of Jerusalem, Roman soldiers take some R & R at the port city of Caesarea Palaestinae
which Vespasian made into a colony. It was the administrative capital of the province of Judae
under both the procurators (A.D.6-66) and Legates (from 70)


Soldiers observe the rites of Mithras, the military mystery cult we know little about, even today.


That night, the troops parade before the Patrician feast.


The Legion forms an honor guard to ensure the safety and comfort of Patricians as they dine.


Returning to the 21st Century, the reenactors pose with members of the local media.