The Museum of Fine Art, Houston invites the Legion to preside over their College Student Night at the visiting Pompeii exhibit. Legionaries performed educational tasks throughout the museum and throughout the evening.


Here we see the Legate and his personal bodyguard helping civilians try on the Legionary uniform.



Standing Guard

Centurio Marcus and another Republican-era Legionary were dispatched to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Roman Soldier. This is actually the remains of a soldier recovered from Pompeii, with some fantastically detailed belt-plates still intact:



The Pompeii Trivia Challenge

The Legion Tribune organized and conducted the "Pompeii Trivia Challenge" which was a trivia game built upon information the students learned in the exhibit itself. Participants played in teams of three for a 30 minute game that was high-energy and educational.


. . . some follow up trivia questions:


(1) In the photo to the right, which is the more authentically accurate piece of headgear, A or B?


(2) During which Imperial dynasty did the brontosaurus (as pictured by the young scientist below) go extinct?

. . . we don't have to tell you that we're joking with these, do we?


The Legion on Patrol

As usual, there was a great deal of goofing around, here it took place "on the streets of Pompeii."