by Phil Reaney



Putting together an accurate Hoplite impression takes time, since there is not much accurate off-the-shelf kit.

The only real way to go is custom kit, which--as the pics show--takes quite a bit of patience to get it right.


My greaves (almost done!)

I am making this set of greaves out of 20 gauge brass. These are form-fitted and attached properly to my legs, so I am able to run and jump--they literally fit like a second skin.

My Linothorax

I am lucky to have my linothorax being made by one of the best makers out there, Andy at 4hoplites.
Note the scales on right torso side, for added protection of areas not protected by one's shield.


My custom helmets by Terry Nix

LEFT: I always wanted a transverse crest on an early style Corinthian, this is a copy of one in a museum in Berlin.
RIGHT: Chalcidian style helmets like this one don't often appear among reenactors.



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